Cadillac Escalade ESV

  •  5 passengers (comfortably)
  • 6 passengers (max)
  • luxurious leather interior
  • extensive leg room

Chevy Suburban LT

  • 7 passengers (comfortably)
  • 8 luggage
  • luxurious leather interior
  • dvd

Ford F350

  • 10/14 passengers (comfortably)
  • luggage
  • luxurious leather interior
  • dvd

Chrysler 300

  • 3 passengers (comfortably)
  • luggage
  • luxurious leather interior
  • extensive leg room

Chrysler C 300 Limo

  • 10 passengers (comfortably)
  • Lamborgini doors in front
  • luxurious leather interior
  • 2 TV’s / DVD

Lincoln Town Car

  • 3 passengers
  • 3 luggage
  • leather interior
  • air conditioning

Our goal is to have happy customers and to this end we offer quality, variety, competitive prices, discretion and punctuality. Our staff is carefully selected, with a special training, ensuring comfort, safety and support.

Get your in your limousine and enjoy a luxurious event, full of elegance and refinement. Our new cars will create an environment and a harmonious atmosphere. The modern car engine will act to confer exceptional driving’s dynamic and provide a smooth and noiseless movement.


If you are paying for the passenger’s ride and the credit card won’t be available at the pickup or drop-off location

 Please complete and fax a credit card authorization form Thank You!



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